In the last decades, in our everlasting efficiency-drive, we have manage to organise the Food Supply Chain similar to any other sector, as for instance Automotive or Electronics. That was wrong!
We have burned down forests, to grow just one type of crop on too large plots. We have exhausted the soil, with monocultures we created diseases, which we had to fight with poison. We transport large volumes of commodities and food all over the world. Yes, let’s admit it, we really messed up Mother Earth. I think the basic reason behind this, is the way we have organized our Food Supply Chain. We have created a monster!
The solution clearly tends towards less meat and fish, eating vegetables, eating more varieties of food closer to home, with less environmental impact. There have been already very good initiatives in this direction. But…. the real solution is to change the way our Food Supply Chain has been organized.

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I have explored greenhouse gases a bit more, I did want to understand which one are exactly meant when we talk about greenhouse gases and who are the main contributors producing them. Read my newest article on this subject (september 2019) 

November 2019 I added a triology, 3 articles with a solutionproposal how to change the Food Supply Chain in the Netherlands (unfortunately only in Dutch): 


1) Echte oplossing vwb  duurzaamheid  = denken in kortere cycli

2) Kortere cycli

3) Antwoord op klimaatverandering = centraal zenuwstelsel voor Transport