Or translated into Prosumtion is a nice new word for what I called ‘everyone a vegetable garden’.  Came in a paper the name of Hans Dagevos across. Looked him up on the internet and he calls himself a senior researcher (Wageningen University & Research) but also and then I translate ‘consumptiesocioloog’ again: ‘consumptionsociologist’ . He has a colleque Jan Eelco Jansma and he wrote an article on ‘prosumption’. The idea is that you produce what you consume. His article and many related you can find on: https://weblog.wur.nl/metropolitan-solutions/category/stadslandbouw/. Stadslandbouw you could translate into ‘metropolitan-solutions’ or ‘agriculture in the city’. That’s exactly what we should do: shorten the supply chain dramatically by using the vegetables coming from you own garden. As I already wrote in my article (on this site) on the vegetable garden, don’t ake the ‘own’ garden to literally. This could also be a small farm on the roof of a building or a greenhouse in the city-environment ‘owned’ by a bunch of consumers maybe led by one farmer or one greengrocery for instance. Jan Eelco Jansma writes also on Almere-Oosterwold, a nice initiative of people living a part of Almere and they try to put this idea of prosumption into practice. Highly recommendated!