XL-HUB to enter Amsterdam

Blog September 5th 2019

XL-HUB to enter Amsterdam centre with smaller electric trucks to make tranport more efficient and more sustainable:  


Blog August7th 2019

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Blog June16th 2019
Finished my assignment with Sonneveld. Worked for them 10months. Worked for them 12years ago as well almost 1 year i think. Was then responsible for Manufacturing and Supply Chain and helped then to sell the company, in those days it was still family-owned. I think in 2010 it was, sold to Orkla, a big Manufacturing company noted on the Oslo-stockexchange. Now back for only Supply Chain. There were still using an old ERP-system Ratio, a very well working system in the 90ties but surely not applicable anymore in these days. So should be replaced by Dynamics365. Worked also on S&OP and the Supply Chain organisation itself. Worked on outsourcing finished products which will be effectuated summer next year (2020). Sonneveld is quite successfull in the bakery-ingredients market.

Blog May 15th 2019

Implementing S&OP again for the third time now. It’s really a valuable instrument. Nothing really new but the structure of monthly meetings Always starting with KPI’s and some other fixed agendapoints (like bad stock/good stock) works surprisingly well. Now looking to implement IBP as a forecast-tool, not sure if it’s the right tool to be honest.